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Google Glass Version Of Serious Games

OK Glass! How long is the Brooklyn Bridge?

This week Google has started to distribute Google Glass, something seen as the next breakthrough in mobile computing and in video games as well, standing at  the forefront of wearable computing technology (please find also Serious Games, Serious Money: Google's Web Reshaping).

Google Glass is Google’s Internet-connected eyewear that responds to natural language voice commands and displays information in the user’s line of sight via Augmented Reality overlays.

According to Google, Project Glass is about a relationship technology: it is there when you want it and out of the way when you don’t. You can still have access to the technology you love but it doesn't take you out of the moment. It has the potential to become a mass-market ubiquitous computer and the future of human-machine interaction.

As a technology that helps you explore and share your world on the fly, coupled with AR capabilities that blend layers of relevant information originated from Google’s knowledge base (please find also Pushing The Boundaries of Serious Gameplay Into Semantic Search), it could also blur the lines between learning and gameplay, which is the ultimate Serious Games proposition.