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Cargo Dynasty: Serious Games To Create A Carrier Business

Via: Serious Games Interactive

Early April, Serious Games Interactive, the Transport Sector Education Fund (TSU) and TUR Publishing from Denmark released Cargo Dynasty, an online multiplayer strategy game for the Transport Industry (please find also Serious Games Bringing More People Into Scotland’s Transport Sector).

TSU has invested seven million dollars in the project to entice more young people into one of the country's most important industries.

In Denmark, the average age of an employee in the transportation industry is close to 50 years, which means that they will face a significant turnover in a near future. “This applies to drivers, warehouse workers and administrative staff”, says Magnus Købke, project manager at TSU. “It will be vital to attract more young people to the profession if the Transport Industry in Denmark continues to be a multi-billion, adds Magnus Købke.

Designed specifically for 8-10 grade students and the Vocational Education and Training (VET)/ Transport Program, Cargo Dynasty can be played by the whole classroom. 

In the game, groups of students build their own transport business and manage operations, earning money to expand the business. Costs and revenues must hang together; employees must be trained; warehouses be built and hours of service rules must be observed. The teacher determines how long the game will last. When time is up, the group who owns the largest company with most money, satisfied customers and the best trained employees wins the game.

The game is also available in a single user version, which is free for all! Cargo Dynasty can be played in your browser or you can download the game to your tablet (iPad and Android).