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Totem Learning Makes Bespoke Serious Games More Accessible To All

Over the last couple of years, I have often blogged about the challenges of shaping the Serious Games field from a movement into a viable and growing market.

Early adopters had focused heavily on advances in design, pedagogy, and technology and sparingly on business development models, but this is about to change. The Serious Games Market is now experiencing a wider variety in business models, moving away from the work-for-hire dominant one, to accommodate new ways of doing business and accelerate Serious Games large scale adoption (please find also my recent post The Fastest Growing Database Of Educational Serious Games).

A new market entrant committed to this market positioning is Totem Learning (a management buy-out from PIXELearning).

Acknowledging that the main barriers to Serious Games bespoke development have been price and timelines, Totem Learning has created Your Game: Your content in a bespoke Serious Game. The concept of Your Game is an office tour game where the characters talk the user through how a Serious Game can help them.

Totem Learning has chosen the familiar topic of induction training to illustrate their demo, but they can create Your Game around almost any topic including: Leadership, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Performance Management, Communication, Coaching Skills, Employee Engagement, and Critical Thinking.

In the demo, Totem Learning places your employees at the centre of a multi-dimensional training experience, that can be used as part of your existing induction training or as a pre-requisite to an employee’s first day; to support mergers or restructures or as a recruitment tool to showcase your company culture and benefits.

Powered by Totem Learning’s Spirit platform, Your Game is SCORM compliant and syncs with LMS.