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The Fastest Growing Database Of Educational Serious Games

As anticipated in my previous post Aldrich's Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers, Clark Aldrich has spent the last 12 months assembling a Simulation and Serious Games database, completely available for free to the public.

Clark‘s primary reason to create The Simulations and Serious Games Registry, ClarkChart, was to introduce a non-existing, agile mechanism for hooking up Serious Games buyers and sellers, thus providing an alternative path for the historical work-for-hire business model to accelerate Serious Games large scale adoption.

As a lot of organizations want to find and buy ready made simulations and Serious Games, and as Clark knows a lot of great products that are out there that would meet their needs, this resource can fundamentally change the industry.

ClarkChart │The Registry of Simulations and Serious Games, in beta, is now the fastest growing database of Educational Simulations and Serious Games, designed explicitly for organizations to find them the best off-the-shelf products, thus shortening Serious Games adoption lifecycle.

ClarkChart database can be accessed by subject, by developer, by newest Sims or via free search, whilst The Add Your Sim form provides a taste of the breadth and wealth of information being generated:

Title, Sponsor, Developer, Sim and Company Description, Subjects Covered, Series, Links, Lead Designer, Other Designers/Writers, Lead Programmer, Other Programmers, Lead Artist, Other Artists, Price, Demo Available/Link, Link to Video, Link to Support Material, Awards, Platform (s), Customizable, Special Hardware, Toolkit/Language used, Integration, Audience, Student Time, Players, Screenshots and a few more.

Users are already experiencing the present value of Clark Aldrich’s vision: “The industry will get larger, easier to navigate, with the great examples being highlighted; the database and the clear view it enables will become indispensable to users, buyers and vendors.”