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InViVo Inspiring The Fast-Growing Medical Serious Gaming Field

Via: InViVo Communications™ Inc. - InViVo Medical Gaming  

In my previous post Crossing the Chasm With Serious Games For Medical Education, I took a stand for the possibility of Medical Games becoming one of the first "Serious Games" segments to Cross the Chasm between early adopters and early majority, paving the way for disruptive innovation in Medical Education.

InViVo Communications Inc. provides additional hard evidence that Medical Serious Games are on the fast-track to large scale adoption.

Established in 1998, InViVo is a Medical Multimedia Company based in Toronto, Canada, recognized internationally for developing 3D medical animation, medical illustration, and interactive media, including a progressive work in Medical Serious Games.

InViVo’s aspirational goal is “to change the way people learn about medicine and healthcare!” and its value proposition “Science is amazing. We make it breathtaking.”

"Serious Game" to educate Healthcare Professionals about the benefits of increasing stem cell mobilization for blood stem cell transplant

"Serious Game" to interact within a virtual cell environment

"Serious Game" to communicate the concept of bacterial resistance and the importance of optimal dosing

With InViVo’s division Spongelab Interactive, they created the international award winning online game called Genomics Digital Lab (please find also Build-aSeries The Most Popular Serious Games On Spongelab).