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Fishing Cactus New Website Dedicated To Serious Games Division

Fishing Cactus new website (Please find also Algo-Bot:Serious Games Teaching Logic Of Programming), 100% dedicated to Serious Games development is now open at Fishing Cactus Serious Game Division.

Fishing Cactus is a Belgian video game development studio founded in 2008 by four experienced AAA talents, from the ashes of 10Tacle (Totems, Urban Race).

From 2010 onwards, Fishing Cactus has started working relentlessly on the development of Serious Games. Behind the scenes, for the last three years, more and more companies have turned to Fishing Cactus for research and development on several Serious Games projects that have an impact either on resource management and staff training or on essential sectors such as healthcare.

At the new website you’ll find Fishing Cactus main past projects presented in great detail, with videos and screenshots. There you’ll also find information about their reputable clients and Serious Games Philosophy  

Fishing Cactus has already worked on over 50 different titles for a wide variety of digital and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox Live, PSN, Kinect and 3DS). The team has performed work-for-hire for several top-tier publishers such as Ubisoft, SEGA and Big Ben Interactive.

Fishing Cactus currently employs 30 talents in Mons, Belgium.