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2nd Annual Whyville Game Design Contest – Serious Gaming With Game Design

Numedeon has just announced the second annual AMD Game Design contest in Whyville.

Last year 10's of thousands of children participated, through Whyville, in game design (Please find also 1st Annual Whyville Game Design Contest: Serious Gaming With Game Design winners).

Whyville is on the way to signing up hundreds of new classrooms and classroom teachers to participate in the contest and anticipates doubling the number of classrooms and students involved this year.

The Game Design contest will be based upon Whyville’s unique collaborative game design platform that allows students to design games together within an interactive interface.

As described below, this contest challenges Whyvillian's to design their own games using game making tools that are part of the AMD Game Zone in Whyville.

Here is the website teaser:

Wanna win your choice of a lenovo IdeaPad Notebook, a Nintendo Wii U Console 32 GB, or an Xbox 360 with Kinect? Like making games?

All you have to do is make some unique and fun WAND games in the AMD Game Zone and publish them for everyone in Whyville to play.

To learn more about WAND Games, visit the AMD Game Zone and play some of the many games that have already been published. High school mentors from the Watsonville Technology, Education, Community (TEC) program experienced in game design are on hand to help you design games. Their help desk is located inside the AMD Game Zone.

There will be four prizes awarded one for each of these categories:

Most challenging game
Most creative game
Best looking game
Classroom winner

City Workers will team up with the TEC Mentors to pick winners for the first three categories from those games rated most highly by Whyville's citizens. The winning classroom will be the one with unique submissions from the largest number of students.

Contest Dates:

·         Submission starts March 4, 2013
·         Ends May 1, 2013

Legalese for the contest can be found here.