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Serious Games For Strategic Manufacturing And Distribution Management

Practice, the new line of 3D, multiplayer Serious Games developed by Muzzy Lane for McGraw-Hill Education, which already includes Practice Marketing and Government in Action, will soon get a new addition:  Practice Operations.

Practice Operations is a Serious Game that brings operations management to life, while reinforcing key concepts in a way that promotes critical thinking and strategic decision making. Practice Operations is a 3D, interactive, game-based simulation that allows students to manage operations of a clothing manufacturing and distribution company.

Similar to the other Practice Games, players will be challenged to think and play strategically.  Players take on the role of a manager of a clothing manufacturer.  In the game, they're challenged to research and analyze market cycles, make strategic and competitive bids on manufacturing contracts, acquire raw materials to complete those contracts, manage the production cycles, and deliver the contracts on time to clients.

The goal is to build up your company’s reputation and net worth by consistently managing the various aspects of a successful clothing manufacturer.

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