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Serious Games Building A New Paradigm For Language Learners

Following my prior post Serious Games To Build Competency In Ethical Thinking  and coming soon from the Learning Games Network (LGN) is Xenos, where you play Serious Games with friends and become the hero of your own English language-learning adventure.

Xenos is an online Serious Game where players participate in activities that support sustainable English language learning.

The expansive learning space immerses players in new contexts across a variety of colorful and engaging zones populated by other English Language Learners, Coaches, Mentors and Teachers.

Players will learn to listen, read, speak and write in English, while playing games.

Jumping Into A World Of Language

Players will meet the citizens and fellow visitors of Xenos on the pier, in the marketplace, in town squares, at the university -- everywhere! 

Introduce yourself to other players at the port

Bargain at the market until the price is right

Choose Your Own Learning Path - A Self-Directed Alternative To Traditional Coursework

Xenos' robust and standards-aligned learning system supports players across multiple levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced English language learners.

Games and activities are mapped to task-based and explicit language learning frameworks created by instructional designers, offering an open-ended yet leveled learning experience.

While players are free to explore the game world at their own pace, those who desire a more structured experience can follow a specific learning path. Learning paths direct players to play specific Serious Games, complete prescribed activities and explore leveled thematic words and phrases tailored to individual language learning goal. 

With support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, LGN team has been developing the game to support a diverse community of players through a new paradigm for language learners.

In its first release, Xenos supports Spanish-speaking English language learners. Over time, Xenos will support learning across a wide variety of languages.

Soon to launch in beta, Xenos invites Spanish-speaking English language learners in high school, college and beyond to become part of our early community.

Designers and Developers are also being invited to join the early developer community. As an open educational resource (OER), Xenos and its underlying Integrated Social Learning Environment (ISLE) platform enable game designers to contribute to the development of the experience.

Researchers are also welcome! The Serious Game design is nurtured by research across a variety of disciplines, including creative design, learning sciences and information technologies. Join the Xenos community and explore new ways of learning.