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Great Article About Serious Games On Bostondotcom Today

Following my previous posts Serious Games For Internalizing How Government Works and The Practice Series: Serious Games From McGraw Hill, has published today a great article about Muzzy Lane Software winning game titled I was a Teenage Congressman.

Here are the highlights: 

How do you inspire a new generation of political deal makers while educating youth about the political process? In the article, Chris Parsons from Muzzy Lane Software explains how they took a tough subject and made it engaging through Serious Games.

“There are few freshman college classes more dreaded than Introduction to American Government. So when publisher McGraw-Hill Higher Education  asked Muzzy Lane Software in Newburyport to make a game for students taking “AmGov,” we knew that to engage those teens, we had to give them some actual power to make decisions that mattered. But what role would best help them learn about how government works?”

“A lot of us here at Muzzy Lane are history buffs and political junkies; none more than Dave McCool, our chief executive and the lead designer of Practice Government in Action. For this project, Dave and McGraw-Hill brought together groups of teachers and subject matter experts to draw upon their knowledge and expertise.”

“There was a lot of early interest in having players take the role of presidential candidate, but eventually it became clear that a role in Congress would allow them to touch more elements of an American Government course—media, interest groups, legislation, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and political parties.”

“The next step was inviting our own congressman, John Tierney, to visit our Newburyport office to share exactly what a member spends his or her time doing. Tierney was very generous with his time, explaining that most of the work performed by a member of congress is two-fold: law-making in Washington, D.C., and time spent in the home district listening to constituents.”

“But there is a lot more to it…” please find the full article here.