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Serious Games As The Gait Lab Of The Future


Via: Motek MedicalGRAIL – Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Lab

Motek Medical provides innovative products for rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurology, performance enhancement and research (please find also Serious Games Enhancing The Rehabilitation Environment and Serious Games Enhancing The Rehabilitation Environment – Update).

Motek’s integrated virtual reality environments combine motion platforms, instrumented treadmills, motion capture systems and surround sound, improving movement functions and stability. Serious Games elements and rich immersive interactions also enable better user experience. 

MOTEK MEDICAL has introduced a new approach to gait analysis with GRAIL – a dedicated solution for clinical gait training. The system is based on the latest neuroscience contributions in the field of rehabilitation, while real-time adjustment allows analysis and training during the same session.

The Gait Lab Of The Future

The complexity of an efficient human gait pattern becomes clear when it is compromised due to disease, trauma, or natural decline. Clinical gait analysis is a proven and powerful tool to identify an impaired gait pattern.

Traditionally, force-plates, electromyography (EMG), video cameras and a motion-capture system are used to collect gait parameters like walking-speed, step-size, joint angles, joint moments, muscle activation, etc.

Conventional gait analysis is generally executed in a large lab of an expensive 75 square meters and strictly limited to analysis based on an artificially targeted single step on the force-plate. Because of the time consuming, complex and thus expensive procedure, gait analysis is often only used for severe Cerebral Palsy and Stroke patients.

GRAIL provides the full functionality of a conventional gait lab on 25 square meters. For the first time all gait parameters are processed in real-time and are directly available for gait training using immediate feedback.