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Algo-Bot: Serious Games Teaching Logic Of Programming

Via: Fishing Cactus | Digital Platforms Game Development Studios - Algo-Bot – The Game About Coding a Game

Fishing Cactus , an independent game development studio located in Belgium and founded by four industry veterans, is currently working on a Serious Game that shall teach players the logic intricacies that programming requires.

The game is about a little robot that teaches the basics of coding. A few months ago, Technobel tasked Fishing Cactus with making a game that would be used at their training center to help people grasp the essential skills of logic that programming requires. And that’s how Algo-Bot was born. 

In Algo-Bot, you’re given control of a little robot, but you don’t control him directly. You have to get your robot around a specific arranged path, and you can see that this path is repeated a few times along a mission. What you have to do thus is to create a separate sequence of orders that you call each time you want the robot to go through that path. Exactly like how functions work in real programming!

By solving small problems in the game, you’re learning the logic behind it all. You’ll be able to play with programming concepts such as variables, functions, conditions and groups.

According to Fishing Cactus Development Blog, they expect to release Algo-Bot by the end of this month.

About Fishing Cactus

Fishing Cactus is a Belgian video game development studio founded in 2008 by four experienced AAA talents, from the ashes of 10Tacle (Totems, Urban Race).

Fishing Cactus has already worked on over 50 different titles for a wide variety of digital and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox Live, PSN, Kinect and 3DS). The team has performed work-for-hire for several top-tier publishers such as Ubisoft, SEGA and Big Ben Interactive.

Fishing Cactus currently employs 30 talents in Mons, Belgium.