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Virtual Attain: Serious Games For Patrol Operations

Virtual Attain, developed RealTime Immersive Inc., a Simulation and Serious Games company supporting CryENGINE® licensees, is the winner of the “Best Business Game” Award, one of the six award categories of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, at I/ITSEC 2012 (Please find also Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Announces 2012 Winners).

Virtual Attain is designed to be used by soldiers who have previously received training, such as patrol operations, casualty evacuation, call for fire, egress, and special operation tactics.

The game puts the commander or patrol leader in a virtual driver seat with a real life scenario where things can go wrong before they step foot on the battlefield. It is designed to help soldiers start planning for what could happen given the history of an area of operation.

Virtual Attain’s use of robust review features, including the Observation Marking System, After Action Review, and Situational Decision Point allows players to make critical decisions during high-pressure, time-limited situations.

Students can enhance their situational awareness in hostile environments by taking individual skills previously learned from real world environments and putting them into practice in a simulated team environment.

Virtual Attain is a CryENGINE® powered solution inspired by efforts inside the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Special Operations Command.