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Serious Games As Information Assurance Adventures

Cyber Awareness Challenge, developed by Carney,Inc., was selected as finalist in the 2012 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge under the Business Category (Please find also Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2012 Awards To Be Announced Today). As a finalist, Cyber Awareness Challenge could be experienced at the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge pavilion (booth #3263) at the Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) last week. 

Cyber Awareness Challenge is a Serious Game that simulates the decisions Federal Government information systems’ players make every day as they perform their work.

Rather than using a narrative format, the Challenge presents the instructional topics for information assurance awareness through first-person simulations and mini-games that allow the player to experience information assurance concepts and best practices in an interactive manner.

The goal of the Cyber Awareness Challenge is to capture an unnamed hacker (referred to throughout the game as the “adversary”), who is targeting Federal government information systems in order to access sensitive government information. To capture the adversary, players complete a series of tasks within the game that challenge them to engage in safe information assurance practices to protect government information systems and sensitive information. 

The game relies on a plethora of life-like situations to build awareness around information assurance and information system’s security, replicating the decisions that authorized users of Department of Defense and Federal information systems have to make every day.

The player’s learning is measured through the completion of the series of tasks that make up the game. The data logging on player’s completion of the series of tasks that cover all required and approved information assurance content provides fully synchronous feedback on player’s successes and failures vis-a-vis safe information assurance best practices.