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Online Serious Games Delphi Expert Panel

 Social Online Serious Games for Leadership Development

Wouter Grove, a registered Masters student at the Department of Information Systems, UWC, is conducting a Master’s thesis research project at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Wouter’s research topic is Competencies for the Successful Utilization of Social Online Simulation Games (SOSG) In Leadership Development. He is assembling a Panel of Experts to provide comment and assessment on a proposed adaptation of the European Competence Framework’s (eCF 2.0) specifically to the utilization of Social Online Simulation Games in Leadership Development.

The following process is being followed by Wouter Grove:


• Participants are invited to fill in an open-ended questionnaire (estimated time commitment: 30 minutes).


• Your Round 1 Expert Panel responses will be collated with that of the other members of the panel.
• A suggested mapping of Competencies required for utilization of Social Online Simulation Games will be refined based on this input.
• About 30 days after Round 1, you can expect to hear from Grove via e-mail.

• You will then be supplied with a weblink for the Second Round Expert Panel.


• This round will be in the form of a suggested competency mapping, which you will be required to evaluate by means of a 5-point Likert type rating (expected time commitment: 30 minutes).

Participants can indicate via the weblink whether Wouter Grove should forward them a copy of the final study. You are also welcome to invite to participate any of your colleagues that you feel would be able to add value to the study.