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Games-ED: Serious Games New Brand Targets The Education Market

Games-ED is a brand within Pixelfountain aimed at the education market.  

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Games-ED is relatively new but the products are based on the work of Pixelfountain which has been creating Serious Games and learning simulations for about fifteen years.  During that time, Pixelfountain has developed around fifteen learning simulations and delivered over 450 workshops and trained over 6,500 people from the public and private sector. 

Games-ED products can be used to support learning in the curriculum, but they also promote the development of other skills such as collaboration, employability and personal learning and thinking skills.

They currently have three products: 

The Climate Game 


They are all resource management games that model virtual communities.  The games are played in a workshop and the students are split into teams that represent different roles in the town.  They must work collaboratively to make improvements and get a high score.  Additional activities support the games in order to reflect on the learning and stretch the learners.  

They have also delivered projects in schools looking at games design and development.  Great examples are Eco-Busters and Climate Crew