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CREO: Serious Games Popularizing Science

Gaming For Science - Serious Games that cultivate a taste for discovery

Via: CREO - Gaming For Science 

Game for Science is CREO’s science-themed Serious Games portal (in French Science en Jeu), where you can play Serious Games for free.

CREO is a production studio specialized in science, based in Canada. Since December 2001 CREO has been working with businesses, government departments, museums, industry taskforces, foundations and academia to explore new ways of popularizing science.

CREO stands for Creativity, Rigorous attention to detail, Excellence and Originality. CREO focuses on these core values—which the team calls its “DNA”—to create high-quality innovative multiplatform products. In addition to publishing their own Serious Games for Science, they provide organizations with customized science communication services.

CREO Studios position themselves in the market as science communicators, having customers’ science content at the very heart of their creative process.

Serious Games for Science

CREO Studios have built a reputation for designing and producing a number of Serious Games over the last couple of years. These games are as popular with players as they are with the institutional content partners involved in their development. The games can take several different forms, such as virtual worlds, quest games, Sims, strategy games, puzzles, and experiments. 

Here is a small sample:


The Island of Physica presents the game Mecanika, which helps players intuitively learn about concepts in classical mechanics (kinematics and dynamics).

M.A.R.S. Mars Academy of Research and Science 

Rachel the android and the bumbling robot Decobob accompany players in discovering unusual aspects of certain professions in the context of a space mission.


Designed for students registered in Qu├ębec’s Work-Oriented Training Path (WOTP) and for young people 15 and up who demonstrate a need for basic math instruction.