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e-virtuoses 2012: Serious Games Conference 4th Edition Launches

Via: e-virtuoses Serious Games Conference 4th Edition Launches 
Valenciennes, 23 - 24 May, 2012

Following my prior post e-virtuoses: Evaluating And Measuring The Impact Of Serious Games, organizers have announced the 4h edition of e-virtuoses International Conference on Serious Games, which will be held on May 23-24, 2012, in Valenciennes, France.

e-virtuoses is one of the main European events dedicated to Serious Games. Organized by the CCI Grand Hainaut, the two-day conference will showcase demonstrations and exchanges between sponsors, creators, game designers, researchers and scientists.

The 2012 edition proposes an ambitious program aimed at:

• Understanding Serious Games
• Bringing solutions to the Enterprise
• Choosing the appropriate solution / technology

• Studying the impact of Serious Games
• Identifying new trends

• Promoting an exchange space for sponsors, studios and researchers

This year’s conference offers 24 sessions addressing 4 themes: 

• Communication & Marketing
• Training & Education
• Risk & Crisis Management
• Evaluation & Measurement

As anticipated in my post e-virtuoses: Evaluating And Measuring The Impact Of Serious Games, the conference is offering a scientific symposium that aims at projecting conceptual frameworks to evaluate and measure the impact of Serious Games, and also to report on factual results from a scientific point of view.

e-virtuoses 2012 will present for the second time the e-virtuoses Awards, which will reward the best Serious Games in 4 categories:

Completed Serious Games

• Communication and Marketing
• Training and Education/
• Risk and Crisis Management

Serious Games In Production

• The best Serious Game project addressing any theme

Registration for the e-virtuoses Awards 2012 is open by the 1st of May. A pre-selection committee will meet after the registration deadline in order to select the 4 best Serious Games in each category. The selected 16 Serious Games will be invited to audition to the jury on May 23rd at the Digital Workshops in Valenciennes. The e-virtuoses Awards 2012 ceremony will take place on the same evening.