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Serious Games Enhancing The Rehabilitation Environment – Update

Via: MOTEK MEDICALBody Posture Serious Games

In my prior post Serious Games Enhancing The Rehabilitation Environment I had already addressed CAREN, MOTEK MEDICAL leading product. CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) is a multi-purpose, multi-sensory system for diagnosis, rehabilitation, evaluation and recording. It records a person's ability to balance and control movement. The system works in real time and enables the creation of a range of experiences in a controlled environment that can be repeated using the principles of virtual reality technologies.  

CAREN systems always consist of a motion base, motion capture, a projection screen and the D-flow software

Body Posture Rehabilitation As A Serious Game

MOTEK MEDICAL offers powerful and flexible solutions for people with balance and postural disorders: by applying a Serious Games approach, patients as players achieve higher levels and scores as they perform well. 

The application illustrates well how immersion and motivation can enhance performance, specifically for patients with balance and postural disorders who are afraid of incurring pain during rehabilitation sessions.

In the Body Posture Application, the patient needs to mimic postures of a hollow avatar that advances towards him on a screen.

Therapists control a variety of input parameters for challenging postural stability conditions. They can increase difficulty and can also input how accurately the patient must move into the posture in order to receive positive feedback 

MOTEK’s Body Posture Serious Game challenges players to move and stand in different postures without making them conscious of the fact that they are being trained.

The whole scenario provides a positive game- like experience

Body Posture was also the winner of the Dutch Game Awards for the Best Serious Game 2011.The Dutch Game Awards showcases the achievements of the Dutch Game Industry, highlighting both the quality and quantity of games produced in the Netherlands. The purpose of the awards is to spotlight the achievements of the Dutch Game industry and to promote The Netherlands as a game development country to the world.