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Serious Games Association Setting Up Special Interest Groups

Serious Games Association becomes operational

Via: Serious Games Association - New Game Trade Association To Set Up Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Committees

Following my prior post Serious Games Association Forming, one of SGA’s first activities will be to set up Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and committees.  

Members who have an interest in being active or even chairing any of the following groups, please email  


Games for: 
o      Education
o      Healthcare/Medical
o      Corporate
o      Govt/Military
o      Games for Good 

Game Design
Teaching Serious Games
Assessment & Measurement
Local Chapter Leadership

The Serious Games Association is also encouraging members to list their game in the SGA’s new Serious Games Directory, an online, international resource being established for anyone seeking information on Serious Games and Sims.  Technology and tools, consulting services or textbooks for the industry can also be listed.

Registration is already open for the annual Serious Play Conference, now in its second year and being brought under the Serious Games Association! Visit the website for more information

Games can also be submitted for the International Serious Play Awards competition.  Deadline will be May 15.