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Serious Games & Sim @ I/ITSEC 2012: Abstracts Submission Open

Abstracts submission for the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference - I/ITSEC 2012 – will close this Friday.

As a prospective author, your chances of having an abstract accepted are significantly greater if you send your abstract to the appropriate subcommittee,

The subcommittee Simulation is about the science of modeling and simulation (M&S), welcoming simulation architectures or techniques, and the representation of synthetic entities or environments for use in simulation, training, rehearsal, Serious Gaming or analysis.

I/ITSEC seeks papers on the theory and application of M&S, including development work processes, technical challenges, lessons learned, and innovations associated with creating, interacting with and maintaining modules and simulation systems. Typical topics of interest include: the evolution of M&S technology; the use of hardware-in-the-loop; the interoperability of heterogeneous simulations; and the methodology used to create and present physical and behavioral representations of entities and environments within live, virtual, and constructive simulations.