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The Buzz Around The New Serious Games Association

There has been a lot of buzz around the creation of the new Serious Games Association, since its announcement on Feb 13. 

Here is a taste of it:

Via: GamePolitics  - The Serious Games Association Launches

“A new association has formed to help promote the serious gaming industry, aptly called The Serious Games Association. The mission statement of the group is to create an atmosphere where publishers, developers, technology providers, and those involved in the Serious Games sector can come together to advance their cause of using game technology to promote real world change or awareness on serious issues.”

Via: Gamasutra - Serious Games Association Opens Membership

Serious Games Association, a new international trade group serving the non-entertainment games industry, has opened its membership to students, developers, publishers, tool providers, analysts, and other professionals.”

“The association will cater to those working in the field of Serious Games, or game-like software for educational, corporate, defense, political, advertising, charity, or other non-entertainment purposes.”

Via: IndustryGamers - Serious Games Association Forms

The Serious Games Association is a new group that aims to bring together publishers, developers, technology providers and all those involved in the Serious Games sector. Using the Serious Play Conference as a backer, the new association will look to build a unique directory and platform for those that have a livelihood in games.”

“The new association has made it clear that the name is drawn not from the idea of creating Serious Games, but from developing ‘serious purpose’ in training and learning about the gaming industry.”

Via: Edge Magazine - Serious Games Association Open for Membership

The Serious Games Association, set up to support the burgeoning sector of Serious Games, which are designed for use in professional fields including healthcare and the military, is now open for membership.”

“As well as access to conferences and networking opportunities, membership offers a free listing in the Serious Games Directory, discounts on passes to the annual Serious Play Conference, product entry into the conference's awards, and more.”

“The SGA is also looking for "sustaining members," who will be more deeply involved with the association and automatically be made sponsors of the conference.”

“Standard membership costs $35 per year; sustained memberships cost $10,000.”

Via: - Serious Games Association Membership Opens

“A new association has launched for those involved in creating games for education and training.”

The Serious Games Association will host conferences, support groups and manage a blog and media site for those who create games with a purpose beyond simple entertainment. This includes simulations, corporate games, educational games, and those designed with a social benefit in mind. 

“It will also run The Serious Play Conference, which will take place August 21 in Washington.”

Via: Elder-Geek - Serious Games Association Founded

“A newly formed foundation is gearing up to raise funds and support for the serious side of the gaming industry. Less a stuffy elitism spoken between sips of tea (as they readjust their monocles and top hats, of course), the Serious Games part refers to making more purposeful training and learning experiences surrounding gaming and the industry at large. We’re still not 100% sure what that means, but hopefully the Serious Games Association’s raison d’etre will be more thoroughly explained as the group gets its foundation.”