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Docebo: Serious Games Behind The Scenes

Via: Docebo Serious Games Making-Of
Docebo is a Milan, Italy, based company that created DoceboLMS, a LMS platform with no license fees. Docebo operates at an international level, providing a wide range of integrated services for distance learning. Its investors include Seeweb, a leading Internet Service Provider for cloud hosting solutions.

The Multimedia Production business unit operates under the belief that “Serious Games are the last frontier of multimedia training”.

According to their website, here you can see how "Serious Games" are created by Docebo. You can also try on two of Docebo’s Serious Games demos.

Serious Game Learning in a Click - Support for decision making. Test your skills in making the right choices to implement a project in your company

Simulator Commercial Behavior - In the shoes of a salesman, guide your client in the right choice. Pay attention to value creation and customer relationship.