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Serious Play: Impressive Array of Speakers As Serious Games Market Strategists

The Transcription Game from Spongelab Interactive – session under Games For Learning Header

Via: Game Forward - Industry Events Focus on Diverse Power of Games

Game Forward takes a closer look at the gaming industry events coming up in August and September, namely SIGGRAPH 2011, the Serious Play Conference and the Gamification Summit NYC.

Game Forward also brings to our attention the Serious Play Conference structure, “with six broad topics broken down into seven individuals tracks, dubbed the School/At Home Learning, Business/Corporate Training, Military/Government Sims, Games for Health, Games for Good, Game Developer and Faculty Tracks”, targeting most of the Serious Games Market segments.

The Serious Play Conference program provides a unique opportunity to appraise the current size, the value and the next 5-year growth for the Serious Games Market.

The event will feature presentations by senior project directors who already leverage on Serious Games for Corporate and Military Training, Healthcare and Education, leading Serious Games Developers and Serious Games Market Analysts

The Business and Corporate Training side is one example, including sessions with representatives of innovative firms such as The Boeing Company, IBM, Microsoft, Forrester Research, Google and Novel, among others. 

The Serious Play Conference will be held from August 23-25, 2011, at the Digipen Institute of Technology  in Redmond, WA.