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Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2011 - Submit Your Serious Game

Via: Serious Games Showcase & Challenge - Submit your Serious Game Entry Starting August 1!

Starting August 1 the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge will be accepting Serious Games submissions to the 2011 Contest!! All entries must be entered by September 15 and all Top 12 2011 Finalists will be notified via e-mail by October15.

Finalists in the Serious Game Showcase & Challenge will be selected by a panel of leaders in the gaming, industry and academic fields, and will be invited to showcase their Serious Game at I/ITSEC 2011 where over 17,000 attendees will view and vote on each of the finalists.  Awards will be presented to the top finishers in each category. 

Entries will be considered a Serious Game if they use the gaming attributes described above to overcome a designated problem or deficiency, and provide appropriate feedback to the user about their efforts.  Entered games must target users at the high school level, at a minimum.

About The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is hosted annually by the National Training Systems Association in connection with the I/ITSEC Conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. 

The goal of Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is to identify innovative game-based technologies and solutions that improve training across all segments for individuals, groups and systems.

Whether you’re an individual, small business or big business – the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is open to you!  Submissions can be targeted to training in any segment, including education, corporate, or military. If you can "mod" a game into a training solution, or program one from scratch, consider how you would use your skills to develop a Serious Game solution to enhance training. It could put your work in front of some of the best gaming and simulation companies in the world.