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Serious Games Changing The Way People Apply For A Job In Public Transport

Via: Trinigy - Bus-Tram-Cable Car: San Francisco

Following my prior post Serious Games Changing The Way People Apply For A Job, covering My Marriott Hotel, a Serious Game to help generate interest in hospitality careers, here is another example this time addressing the public transport system in San Francisco, CA.

Bus-Tram-Cable Car: San Francisco is the newest training simulation being developed by TML Studios With the use of Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine, TML Studios has been able to create far more realistic environments, which accurately depict the various modes of mass transportation in the busy streets of San Francisco.

The German version was released on 29.06.2011 and the English version currently in progress shall follow.

 “Apply now for the public transport system and take a seat behind the wheel of a bus, articulated bus, trolley bus, cable car or entirely to the trams. You have a total of 16 highly detailed and animated vehicles. Steer them through the huge, freely explorable game world. Take on the tasks of everyday life of a public transport employee, taking advantage of the many functions in the cockpit to meet the time schedule. Keep an eye always on your fuel gauge and overall condition of the bus.”

About Trinigy

Based in Southern Germany, and with an office in Austin, TX and Seoul, Korea, Trinigy is a privately owned company committed to selling groundbreaking game engine technology and first-class support to video game and Serious Games development studios across the globe.

Engineered to provide more creative and technical freedom, the company´s Vision Game Engine is currently in use in more than 200 commercial game productions by well-known companies such as Ubisoft, Take 2, Dreamcatcher, NeoWiz, Spellbound, Nitro Games and more.

The Vision Game Engine has proven its versatility in a multitude of game genres, including real-time strategy, racing, first-person shooters, role-playing games and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. It is available and optimized for performance on Windows (DX9, DX10, DX11), Xbox360™, PlayStation®3, Wii™, XBLA™, PSN™, WiiWare™, NGP, and most major browsers. iOS and Android support are coming soon.

About TML Studios

TML-Studios® is a division and label of TML-Edition OHG. The company was founded in 2004 by Thomas Langelotz and Michaela Vogeler.

As an independent development studio, situated in Erfurt, Germany, they are specialized in building creative pc-games and real time 3D simulations.

So far, 10 games have been released to national and international markets:

World of Subways Vol.3: London - Circle Line Release 30.06.2011
Bus- and Cable Car Simulator San Francisco Release 29.06.2011
Kehrmaschinen Simulator 2011 Release 16.03.2011
Dive to the Titanic English version Dec 2010
Titanic - Der Tauchfahrt-Simulator July 2010
City Bus Simulator 2010: New York 2009
World of Subways Vol. 2: U7- Berlin 2009
World of Subways Vol. 1: The Path - New York 2008
World of Subways Vol. 1: Expansion Pack 2008
Sunrise - The Game 2008
Line 51 - Addon for MSTS 2006
Berlin Subway - Addon for MSTS 2005