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The New Spongelab Site Is A Serious Game Itself


Spongelab has recently launched its new website dedicated to STEM Serious Games: Spongelab – A Global Science Community.

The new website is an open platform for content developers. All users can create lesson plans, connect video links, create case studies and add assessment questions.

For these activities you're awarded Spongelab credits and experience points. The New Spongelab Site is a Serious Game itself!

Gain credits and experience points for everything you do: playing Serious Games to creating classes – everything earns you points. Unlock badges; find secrets and level-up to become a Spongelab Master!

Through the new site users can search or browse for content, add what they like to a ‘Play List,’ and create multiple playlists that are called ‘lessons’ and those lessons can be shared with other Spongelab users.

Once others are using the lessons you created, you can see all the metrics on how they are performing and the quality of their engagement!

About Spongelab Interactive

Founded in 2007, Spongelab Interactive is a Toronto-based educational gaming design and production company that aims to inspire a new generation of learners to be passionate about the natural and scientific world.

Recognizing the instructional potential of video gaming, the Spongelab Interactive team creates interesting and intuitive online programs that challenge students through discovery-based learning.

Thanks to a team that combines educational, technical and scientific expertise, Spongelab Interactive has created Genomics Digital Lab (GDL), a series of biology Serious Games based on curriculum for Grades 7 through 12.

The company’s award-winning GDL games currently boasts users from over 50 countries worldwide.

Spongelab Interactive is building on these achievements by using educational design with advanced web and gaming technology to produce more Serious Games is biology, in particular for university level students. CellScape Explorer focused on university level cell biology, is currently under development.