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MiddWorld: Serious Games Inviting Students To Live World Languages

Via: Middlebury Interactive Languages

On my prior posts I had covered Muzzy Lane Software's partnership with Middlebury Interactive Languages (MIL) to create an innovative 3D language learning role-play game as part of MIL's Online World language courses – MiddWorld Online.

MIL website is now announcing a most advanced language-optimized learning platform in the K-12 market, blending Serious Games, Social Networking, and Multimedia Interactive Learning.

“We've taken Middlebury College’s successful full-immersion methodology and combined it with the efficiency of online technology to deliver breakthrough innovations in world language learning. This intensive, academically-based, and innovative program offers the most immersive experience online available today and will change the way students learn world languages.”

The 3D role-playing Serious Game is set in a virtual world that stimulates student collaboration in-language

Initially supporting French and Spanish languages, MiddWorld Online Product Demo includes two key components: one is called Passport City, which is a Social Network, the second is the "Serious Game" that provides students the opportunity to use the language as if they were living in the country.