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Live Now: Join GE Healthymagination Game Changers Summit On Ustream TV

Via: GE Helathymagination: Game Changers Summit On Ustream

Healthymagination is GE’s six-year, $6 billion strategy for taking on one of the toughest challenges: global health (find also Geoterra: Serious Games For GE's Ecomagination).

GE’s Ask Anything programming brings together today’s leading innovative thinkers.

The Game Changers Summit is a deep dive into how social gaming, personal tech and mobile devices can catalyze innovative behavior change, fostering better experience & greater engagement for everyone. 

The event features a talent roster of pioneers in the space — mavericks who are leading the change.

See all the innovative LIVE here.  

Join now and send your questions to #AskGE

450 East 29th Street,
2nd Floor New York, NY 10016


Tues, 7/26, 9-5:30pm

About Healthymagination

Healthymagination is a shared commitment to creating better health for more people.

Almost everyone wants to make healthier choices, but they don’t always know how. The amount of information available on wellness, nutrition and exercise is overwhelming, to say the least. Even when we do know how to improve our health, we often try to make sweeping changes or set goals that seem too daunting to reach. 

Healthymagination is about becoming healthier, through the sharing of imaginative ideas and proven solutions. It goes beyond innovations in the fields of technology and medicine, celebrating the people behind these advancements. Seeking to build stronger relationships between patients and doctors, GE created Healthymagination to gather, share and discuss healthy ideas.

Because Healthymagination is about becoming healthier together, it takes the form of multiple projects that you can participate in, whether you’re looking to change your lifestyle or fine-tune your approach to health. Making healthy decisions should be easy...and fun.