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Google+ Turns Spheres of Connections Into Serious Games

 “The opposite to work is not play – is depression”

Via: Futurelab Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog - Google Figures Out Humans

David Armano, in his post dated 12 July, 2011, provides his initial assessment on Google+

“Google has actually figured out how humans work, so mark Google+ as one to watch and ignore the pundits that are telling you it's no threat to Facebook. The real threat from Google is they have finally shown evidence that they understand social and human beings by association. The whole Google+ experience while far from perfect offers proof of this—specifically with its circles feature.”

Making a parallel to his diagram below, Google+ offers participants to the network circles to categorize their connections ranging from friends, to family, acquaintances, public etc.

“To many users of the various social networks, this comes as a welcome addition to those managing multiple spheres of connections and wishing to interact with them differently vs. using a broad brush for everything”, he says.

Armano states that “Google+ has tons of potential despite the saturation of social networks out there for one reason: They're Google! And search is complementary to social. When they connect these two pieces together (and they will) look out.”

Google+ is one to watch because they've demonstrated that they are beginning to understand social and human drivers.