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Gaining Leadership: Serious Games Applied to Management Development

Via: Ranj Serious Games The Gaining Leadership Program - How Do You Use Serious Games To Train Tomorrow's Leaders?

Leadership development is essential for Capgemini strategy. Future leaders have to be both inspiring and competitive. Innovative training methods are necessary, giving trainees lasting and meaningful insights into their behavior and daily work.

Trainees are often highly qualified, but they have attended much training and feel a certain training fatigue. This is why Ranj Serious Games - together with Capgemini - has developed a "Serious Game" which seamlessly blends into a newly developed training program.

Leadership Can Be Learned

For Gaining Leadership by Capgemini, the principles of Serious Games have been applied to management development. The goal is to teach players to think and act independently. The leading question is: why would someone be led by you?

The real world is the stage for this game. Players work in teams for a fictional Capgemini-like company, acquiring an innovative and complex project. The Slowessa gas pipeline runs from Slovakia to Ukraine and is triggering a lot of attention in the media. Players have to take on missions and are kept up to date through the web, video, phone, text messages and more. They communicate with characters in the game that are played by puppet masters who are active behind the screens.

In the course of the game, the storyline continues 24 hours a day. The game is set at various locations around the world from where trainees co-operate, such as France, England, India and US.

The balanced mix of game elements with more traditional methods such as workshops, assignments, literature and coaching are an essential part of the program.

Since its introduction, the game has been run a dozen times and there are still several scheduled runs to be evaluated in depth by Capgemini.