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Corporate Serious Games: Google+ Expanding Fast To Business

Via: Google+ Christian Oestlien - Public

Christian Oestlien, group product manager at Google, has just posted to Google+ a reshare request:

“Google+ users, please do me a small favor and reshare this post to anyone you know is interested in our business profiles testing. I wasn't kidding when I said the demand for this has been massive. Our old form has filled up, so we created a new form for any businesses interested in applying.” 
Remember, we will close the application form at 6pm PST on Friday July 15th.”

Mashable reports today, under the article Google Accelerates Google+ For Business Test Program, that Google, which had initially planned to test business partners on Google+ in the next “few months,” is moving more quickly with that program. 

The International Business Times also reports the same movement under today’s article Google+ Tells Business to Stay Away, But Speeds up Business Profile Launch.

Dennis Troper (product manager for business profiles), and Christian Oestlien will focus next week on selecting a diverse set of business partners for the test period.

Earlier this month, Oestlien asked businesses to stay off of Google+ for a while, as in its current form Google+ is not suited to the needs of companies - the way users communicate with each other differing from how they would communicate with a brand.

Nevertheless, several brands, including Ford, Breaking News and Mashable have created profiles anyway. 

Google+'s popularity among users is expanding. It is estimated that as much as 20 million people could use Google+ by this weekend, this according to a report by founder Paul Allen.