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G4C 2011 -The Case For Serious Games With Social Impact

Via: Huffingtonpost Impact

Charles Tsai, journalist, writer, speaker and consultant for social entrepreneurs, states in his recent post covering G4C 2011 that “Businesses of all sizes see potential in making their products more engaging to their customers and have invested accordingly in integrating game mechanics. The social sector, as usual, is lagging behind.”

He adds: “The field of Serious Games is still new, not mature enough to provide rock solid proof that games can have profound and sustained social impact.”

Jesse Schell’s closing keynote address at this year’s G4C event provides intriguing hard evidence of exactly the opposite, the most compelling one in my view being the following charts that speak for themselves:

The below chart shows the escalation of videogames revenues x the decline of violent crimes over the last 15 years

The Case for Social Impact Games was also reinforced by a series of case studies shared throughout the event, which included among others:

 iCivics - please find also Learning By Doing Civics Through Serious Games

Macon Money - please find also GDC 2011 Serious Games Summit: Gamification Day

About Charles Tsai

Charles Tsai is a journalist, writer, speaker and consultant for social entrepreneurs. A former reporter and producer for CNN, Charles ventured into the social sector to help youth design and implement their own solutions for change. He helped Ashoka launch its first global campaigns to support youth-led social ventures. He now runs Social Creatives, a new venture that offers tools and programs to teach social entrepreneurship and spread best practices of the sector.