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XAITMENT’s Budget-Friendly BrainPack 2011 Ignites Serious Games Development

A budget-friendly AI pack for "Serious Games" development

Via: xaitment GmbH/Inc  The German Developer of Artificial Intelligence Announces New Licensing Agreements For BrainPack 2011

Three New Game Development Studios Have Signed Up For Xaitment’s Cost-Friendly AI Game Tool Packages


Saarbrücken/Quierschied, Germany– April 13, 2011 xaitment GmbH / Inc, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) game tool provider for the and simulations industries, today announced new licensing agreements with Realmforge Studios, TML Studios and Promotion Software.

The companies have taken advantage of xaitment’s budget-friendly packages, including the newly implemented BrainPack 2011, which provides smaller game studios with a bundle of xaitment’s most popular AI game tools, xaitMap, xaitMove² and xaitControl. The outstanding tools provide everything that is needed to perform pathfinding, dynamic collision avoidance and behavior modeling.

“We’re excited about the results we’re seeing in our Serious Games,” said Ralph Stock, CEO of Promotion Software. “xaitment’s AI tools add realistic, lifelike elements to our simulations.”

The German-based companies were quick to sign up for the low-cost AI package. Realmforge Studios based in Munich and TML Studios based in Erfurt both signed with xaitment within a few days of the BrainPack 2011 program kick off, with Tuebingen-based Promotion Software following closely afterward.

“We were thrilled to hear about xaitment’s BrainPack 2011 promotion. xaitment’s AI tools are ideal for our next PC/Xbox title as the technology provides everything we need, has already been proven on both platforms and offers an excellent price value ratio," said Benjamin Rauscher, CEO of Realmforge Studios.

“We are very pleased to be working with xaitment and are extremely satisfied with their highly competent staff,” said Thomas Langelotz, CEO of TML Studios.“xaitment’s AI tools will open up entirely new possibilities for us to create even more interactive simulations. Our customers are going to love the results.”

 “We are delighted to partner with Realmforge Studios, TML Studios and Promotion Software and deliver state-of-the-art AI technology for their exciting projects and products,” said Andreas Gerber, Group CEO of xaitment. “xaitment offers companies not only outstanding AI game tools but also world-class customer service to ensure the success of every project. We make it a top priority to be available to our customers and offer them all the help that they need.”

About xaitment

xaitment GmbH/Inc. is the world leader in AI game tools for the simulations and game industries.

Founded in Germany in 2004, xaitment offers AI middleware that goes beyond pathfinding. xaitment's AI game tools enable developers, through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, to create automatic navigation mesh builds, movement behaviors, crowd simulations, hierarchical probabilistic finite state machines, world descriptions, autonomic behaviors, and experience-based and inference-based learning behaviors for computer generated characters.

About BrainPack 2011

Late March, xaitment announced the release of the new BrainPack 2011 program, a cost-effective AI option for studios with smaller budgets.
BrainPack 2011 is a collection of xaitment's most requested AI development tools: xaitMap Creator, xaitMove Creator and  xaitControl Creator.

All 3 products together are now being offered in Europe and North America to indie game developers for a fraction of the normal cost of game AI, according to xaitment website.

The BrainPack 2011 enables you to use xaitment's AI technology to make extraordinary titles with little financial commitment. The license can then be renewed or upgraded to a full license with individual terms, including floating licenses, multiple seats, additional xaitment tools and products, and individualized support.