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Serious Games For High-Risk Training In The Oil & Gas Industry

Via: Serious Games For The Oil And Gas Industry - Think Smart, Train Safe

Today's Oil and Gas training has come a long way, improving industry standards. With demand for trained workers outstripping international supply, and with increased technological complexity in the workplace, new recruits must quickly and safely acquire and demonstrate the competencies necessary to perform critical tasks to an Oil & Gas industry-defined standard. 

As a consequence, Serious Games have emerged as a natural step forward and become pervasive in this mainstream industry.

Here is a video sample on how Serious Games enable trainees to explore and familiarize themselves with the platform environment and safety procedures, experiencing all types of realistic scenarios such as fighting fire, man overboard, platform abandonment, hazard identification, and other high-risk situations.

Kea Studios

Petrosims is a FPP (first-person-perspective) simulation training tool for Oil & Gas maintenance and operation professionals. Under the motto "Think Smart, Train Safe", users select a role and mission, and then complete the required task while exploring a variety of situations in either single or cooperative multiplayer game mode. The prototype development was based on an actual oil platform 25 miles from the coast of Sarawak, Malaysia. 

3DVIA Technology

This training application, built with 3DVIA Studio Pro, was created for a large energy client. This video highlights the realistic rendering effects in 3DVIA Studio's game engine technology, using CAD data originally created with CATIA.

3DI Studios

Snubco Group commissioned 3DI, an Edmonton Alberta based company to create a training simulator for the S-9 Rig Assist Snubbing Jack. This is a compilation of footage captured from the simulation software during operation,

Coole Immersive

Coole Immersive Service Rig Training provides a  consistent solution that aims at getting new workers on the job sooner and with fewer costly incidents.


KCA DEUTAG's Drilling and Advanced Rig Training (DART) drilling simulator and well engineering system, is the only system of its kind offering real-time drilling simulation and downhole modelling.

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