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Gamification 2011: Using Serious Games Play To Engage Your Audience

Via: Digital Shoreditch Festival

Digital Shoreditch is a festival celebrating the creative diversity and world-class talent within London’s digital community.

Shoreditch will be transformed into a digital playground between 3rd-7th  May 2011 with late-night parties, massive projections, open studios, eye-catching displays, conference days, real-world interactive artworks and installations, and augmented reality games.

The festival celebrates and highlights the prestigious creative flair within Shoreditch as the UK’s premier digital hub, providing a unique opportunity for new faces and talent across the UK to participate and be represented, and enabling the public to interact and experiment with the latest innovation. We will also be drawing in industry leaders to share knowledge and display cutting-edge developments in the digital world.

However, the project is about more than the festival series alone.  The emphasis is on informally nurturing an extensive and exciting digital community, through the virtual map (coming soon!), news updates and ongoing events and parties.  They would like to facilitate an enormous spectrum of individuals and companies to connect and exchange ideas, to generate a greater openness within digital space, and facilitate innovators from all walks of life to contribute to a flourishing creative society. Anyone can be involved, there are no constraints.

The events mainly happen in and around vibrant Shoreditch, Clerkenwell and Brick Lane. As the playground of the largest concentration of digital creatives in Europe, this is the ideal place to explore and interact with the latest in digital innovation. There will be a hive of activity in large and small local venues, including bars, clubs, halls, galleries and open studios. Whether you are interested in rocking out at digital parties or developing skills through educational presentations, there is something to cater for all interests and tastes!

Gamification Workshop - Wednesday 4th May - Time: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Join the leading gamification experts from around the world for a full day workshop exploring the way in which public and commercial brands can leverage the power of play to increase customer activity, build loyalty, broaden reach and monetize assets. 

Experts such as Bunchball, Bigdoor, PlayGen, Games Investor, Coding Conduct, Matmi, Foviance, Portrait Software,, Game Shadow and Ogilvy will share their success stories. The day will also cover examples of brands such as Comcast, Warner brothers, Hasbro, Syfy, Brightstorm, Meredith, Microsoft, Cadbury, Wellcome Trust, Nesta, BBC, AVIVA and the NHS, and many more who are already using play to drive engagement.

This intimate workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to understand and harness the power of Serious Games within their brand, product or service including: Digital Strategists, Brand Communication Executives, Brand Managers, Product Designers, Game/Interactive Developers, User Experience Professionals.

Objectives or the Day

Learn more about how to use play to engage your audience:

Hear the experts’ view on what makes for successful gamification, with case studies on good and bad efforts.
  • Identify the specific gameification potential for your product or service.
  • Explore practical tips on deciding what gaming mechanism to use, designing a solution, conveying it to your client and organization and procuring a platform.
  • The Economics and Business of Gamification
    Presented by: Rick Gibson, Director – Games Investor Consulting
  • The Potential Pitfalls of Gamification
    Presented by: Sebastian Deterding, Coding Conduct
  • From Serious Social Games to Gamification
    Presented by: Kam Star, MD – PlayGen
  • Harnessing Game Mechanics – Understanding the Data Generated by
    Games Engagement

    Presented by: Raf Keustermans, Freelance Consultant, Social Media & Gamification Consultant
  • Advergames – Taking the Long View on Gamification
    Presented by: Jeff Coghlan, MD – Matmi
  • The Gamification of Loyalty (TBC)
    Presented by: Mark Sage, Carlson Marketing
  • The Gamification of Customer Service
    Presented by: Guy Stephens, Senior Consultant – Foviance
  • Using game mechanics to drive online to offline conversion
    Presented by: Ben Salmon, Portrait Software
  • Gamification for Customer Engagement Panel Session
    Presented by: Guy Stephens, Foviance, Ben Salmon, Portrait Software
  • Gamification: Too Much of a Good Thing?
    Presented by: Professor Richard Bartle, University of Essex
  • How Effective will Gamification be in Engaging the Customers of

    Moderator: Nicholas Lovell, Gamesbrief, Including: Professor Richard Bartle, University of Essex, Kam Star, MD Playgen, Sam Sethi,
  • Bunchball platform demonstration and case studies
    Presented by: Rajat Paharia, CPO Bunchball
  • Bigdoor platform demonstration and case studies
    Presented by: Keith Smith, MD Bigdo