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Call For Speakers: Serious Play Conference, Everything About Serious Games

Following my prior post First-Ever Serious Play Conference Covers Most Of Serious Games Taxonomy, the first annual Serious Play Conference is searching for speakers with experience in the Serious Games industry.  Those who feel qualified are encouraged to apply.


Call for Speakers: Serious Play Conference - A Boot Camp for Learning Everything about Serious Games

SEATTLE -- April 13, 2011 – The first Serious Play Conference is seeking speakers experienced in creating and delivering cutting-edge Serious Games to audiences worldwide. The conference will be held Tuesday – Thursday, Aug. 23 – 25, 2011 at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Wash.

Serious Play aims to push Serious Game development to a higher competency – building games that deliver predictable results. Attendees will include heads of corporate, military and healthcare programs; senior educators, top simulation and education developers; strategic hardware and software vendors and industry leaders.

The conference will offer six tracks:
  • Education/At Home Learning 
  • Corporate 
  • Government/Military 
  • Medical/Health Care 
  • Games for Good 
  • Simulation Design and Development 
  • Serious Game Design and Development
Over the course of the three days, attendees will spend time in both keynotes and small sessions, aligned by interest and project. Speakers offering information and techniques valuable for multiple tracks are sought and will be given two sessions.

The topics organizers plan to offer are displayed below:

About DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology is a leading educational institution offering several Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, and a Master’s degree in computer science. DigiPen’s undergraduate programs focus on video game programming, production animation, computer engineering, and game design.

The school was established in 1988 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada as a computer simulation and animation school. In 1996, DigiPen moved to Redmond, Wash. In 2008, DigiPen opened a new campus in Singapore at the invitation of the Singaporean Government, and is currently opening a campus in Bilbao, Spain. Because of its commitment to providing an exemplary educating and furthering the study and research in science, technology, engineering and math, DigiPen offers numerous K-12 educational programs throughout the United States and abroad.

For more information about DigiPen's college K-12 initiatives please visit

About The Bohle Company

The Bohle Company has been providing hands on, senior level counsel to game companies for more than 25 years, supporting companies offering game hardware, software and enabling technology and has launched titles for every platform and in every genre, from MMOs and Serious Games to casual games.

The firm has extensive experience with game and technology-focused conferences.