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Spongelab Launches New Serious Game: Build A Cell

Personal Note: As Scientific "Serious Games" have been springing up worldwide, whilst my Educational Games blog category has become overpopulated, I’ve decided to spin off STEM Serious Games under a new, dedicated category focusing on stem fields of study, to reflect Serious Game Market progressive specialization.

Following my prior post Serious Games To Solve Mysteries And Learn The History Of Biology, from Spongelab Biology, Spongelab will launch its new Serious Game at NSTA 2011 National Conference in San Francisco this week, March 10–13 - Booth 943: Build A Cell.

With this interactive, build an animal, plant, bacterial and fungal cell and watch it come alive! Explore the similarities and differences of the cells all at once. Learn about each organelle and apply your knowledge through real life case studies.

Not attending NSTA? No problem... Use your current Spongelab Biology account to check out "Build a Cell" or sign up for a free trial and try it out in your class today.