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SEAGITAL: Serious Games For The Marine Sector

Meant to be a response to the increasing influence of Information and Communication Technologies on marine activities, SEAGITAL first Edition is a European and international event dedicated to IT for sea, marine-related trades and digital technology.

"Serious Games" & Simulation: The Theme Of The First SEAGITAL Convention

For its first year, SEAGITAL has chosen to explore Serious Games and Simulation in the marine sector. Simulation is a common theme shared by all marine world stakeholders and advanced digital technologies are of interest for both the effectiveness and the safety of marine-related trades: 2D and 3D simulation, immersive technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, and Serious Games.

MARÉTIQUE : A New Discipline At The Crossroads Between Sea-Related Trades And ICT

The French term Marétique, from the Latin Mare (sea) and tique, which here stands for new technologies, is a new discipline designed to bring together stakeholders from the maritime and river sectors, scientists and digital technology providers. Marétique, or ‘IT for Sea’, is broadening the scope of digital technologies to encompass all marine-related activities, opening up a wide rangeof possible applications and a unique new avenue for research and innovation. The prospects for IT for Sea are as wide and varied as the horizons of the world’s oceans.

The Conference

SEAGITAL will take place in Le Havre (France), one of the largest European ports, on June 8th & 9th, 2011. SEAGITAL is meant to the whole marine community.

WTC Le Havre
Esplanade de l'Europe

BP 1410
Le Havre, 76067