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Overcoming Barriers to Educational Serious Games Adoption in Brazil

Via: Digital Watch - Educational Serious Games, Entertainment and Technology Helping Students In The Classroom

As the video below was recorded in Brazilian Portuguese, here are the highlights translated into English (you won't need any translator for children’s enthusiasm, though):

"Books for handouts, of course, are still indispensable, but they seem no longer sufficient to hold the attention of students in the classroom."

"Educational Serious Games address young students’ need for fast and dynamic information also when it is time to learn."

"However, there is still a major barrier to Serious Games adoption in Brazil: the lack of companies working in the segment."

Personal note: This also translates into a great opportunity for new entrants - Brazil is almost an untouched market with demographics consistent with Serious Games proposition.

"Professor Michel is an exception: he has revolutionized his history classes using digital media, Serious Games included. As expected, students love it. The results came quickly, demonstrating that educational Serious Games not only teach them, but also help them in their homework."

"The point is that the use of new media in the pedagogical arena is still a novelty, but there is no going back. Technology has invaded our lives, so let’s take the maximum advantage of it."