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LudoMedic: Serious Games For Kids Hospitalization

Via: LudoMedic Serious Games For Health Platform, Release Date -December 2011

LudoMedic is a "Serious Games" Platform, whose main theme is the hospitalization of 6-14 year old children.

Developed by CCCP Studio, LudoMedic, formerly called MediKids, will host a number of Serious Games for Health intended for kids, parents and healthcare professionals.

The platform consists of a game engine, a dialog engine with integrated speech synthesis, especially conceived for children who cannot read yet; three independent healthcare pathways: MRI, pediatric surgery and chemotherapy; a collection of mini-games and educational activities specific for each pathway; and a community website providing free modules available to the public.

LudoMedic has three complementary objectives: simulate children’s healthcare when hospitalized; inform the parents about the healthcare processes involving their children and allow physicians to better communicate with their patients.
The official release is scheduled for December 2011, with a second layer aiming at health workers training to diagnose an emergency, planned to go live in August 2012.
The project team resulted from a consortium composed by EURA SANTE (medical expertise), Orange (a technical partner for speech synthesis and research labs) and Universities for the pedagogical aspects.
About CCCP Studio
In 2008, French officials announced an important initiative that would have an impact on Serious Games future.
The French government has chosen Northern France as the region of excellence for Serious Games. That meant start-up companies willing to locate in the Nord-Pas de Calais Region could receive government funding and support.
The “Regional Image Cluster” pilot program, centered in Valenciennes, started with the objective of funding 20 Serious Games prototypes in 2009.
The choice of Valenciennes was astute: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Economic Development Department in Valenciennes (CCIV, a well-funded government agency, had previously established the legendary animation school Supinfocom, and its younger sibling Supinfogame. In addition, the region has several design, technology, and art universities.
In fact, three Serious Games companies were already located in Northern France thanks to the support from the Chambers in Valenciennes and nearby Lille. One of them was CCCP (Confluence Composite de Concepteurs et Prestataires) which the Valenciennes Chamber was incubating in its digital workshop facilities.
CCCP is a video game development studio based in Valenciennes that since its inception in 2005, CCCP has pioneered Serious Games development in France.