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GATSCAR: Volkswagen Serious Games For Mechatronics Education

Via: Volkswagen Media Services - Volkswagen Presents Educational "Serious Game" GATSCAR at the Serious Games Conference in Hanover

Wolfsburg, Hanover 04 March 2011 - Volkswagen presented on Friday its new educational Serious Game GATSCAR at the Serious Games Conference in Hanover.

GATSCAR is a unique tool for  mechatronic engineers apprenticeship. It is a Serious Game that makes automotive mechatronics come alive!

Through the eyes of the central character Jack the user experiences a digital car workshop, a world of racing and friendship. By explaining turbochargers and transmissions interactively, GATSCAR easily combines gaming with learning.

GATSCAR is an automotive mechatronics Serious Game. Meet Dennis at the old garage of Jack’s father.

The computer game is used as an additional medium for education and training in the service and workshop area, thus providing a playful  approach to complex technical learning content with high practical relevance.
Have a chat with Mia at the Racing Club Bar and achieve a new club record in the race

Learn about turbochargers and transmissions at Dealer’s P.O.S.

Flow simulation for Exhaust-gas Turbochargers

Force profile in the Dual-Clutch Gearbox (DSG) module

Circuit Diagrams Module

Fred Kappler, Director of Genuine Parts and Service at the Volkswagen Group, said: "It is our intention to inspire young people to our products and technology. Therefore, we have taken a new path that brings fun to learning and training content when addressing complex issues."

GATSCAR was designed primarily to supplement existing course content in the mechatronics education. In addition, technology enthusiasts, students of technical disciplines or vocational teachers can also benefit from the game.

GATSCAR was developed by Volkswagen Services and supported by the research project GATSCAR AVILUS (Applied Virtual technologies in product and production life-cycle funds), encouraged by the Federal Government.

GATSCAR is available as a browser game and currently runs exclusively on the PC. 

About The Serious Games Conference At CeBIT

The Serious Games Conference is part of the CeBIT in Hanover, Germany for the fifth time.

The 5th Serious Games Conference was held on the 4th of March 2011, as part of CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.

The annual event concept, devised by and for publishers and developers, includes lectures which focus on the German Serious Games branch. The fields of content, management, technology, science and politics are dealt with. Besides national themes, particular attention is given to global developments by prominent international speakers.