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Serious Games As Audience Games For Brand Marketing

New York-based Audience Entertainment, co-owned by YDreams, worked with OgilvyOne Greece to develop an interactive media campaign for Cosmote, the largest mobile network operator in that country.

The 3D audience game, powered entirely by YDreams technology, recently picked up an Ermis Silver, in the interactive media category, at the Ermis Awards, the only awards institution for creativity in communication in Greece, organized annually by the Advertising & Communications Association - the highlight of the industry in the country.

About Audience Games & Audience Entertainment

Audience Games are aimed at theatres, stadiums, music venues, and exhibition centers worldwide, and have already been proven in over 600 live applications. Audiences moving their bodies as one "human joystick" control simple on-screen videogame action, resulting in amazing audience reception, powerful and lasting brand recall, and a major new revenue opportunity for theatre owners.
Background advertiser messaging in each videogame can be as creative as the advertiser wants, can be easily changed for different geographic and audience demographics, and is proving to be a powerful replacement of obsolete “slideshow” theatre/venue advertising approaches.
Games can be completely tailor made or selected within the available Audience Entertainment game portfolio in which case some graphic elements may be re-skinnable according to the brand corporate image.

“Help me catch the Coca-Cola Bottles”

About the Company

Audience Entertainment is a company based in New York City and co-owned by industry leader YDreams, that creates innovative marketing and advertising experiences and develops a breakthrough sponsored entertainment platform designed to build product and brand equity for innovative global advertisers like MSNBC, Volvo, Orange Mobile, Coca-Cola, Unilever and many others. The Company applies innovation and emerging technology to develop and distribute interactive mass audience games and entertainment content offerings involving audience interactivity embedded in videogames, trailers, movies, and other media.

Audience Entertainment is partnering with local theatre chains and on-the-ground agencies worldwide to offer a unique, on demand Global Entertainment Network to global (and local) advertisers which want to lead the next wave in advertising. Content development revenue, game and display hardware and software revenue, ad program revenue sharing with local theatres, and planned program derivatives including cloned content for PC games, cell phone games, and other related promotions all promise a strong growth opportunity for Audience Entertainment and its partners.