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GiftedSpeech: Multilanguage Serious Games Teach Kids To Be Accent Free

Via: GiftedSpeech

GiftedSpeech is a start-up company that aims to teach children foreign languages, accent training, and cultural appreciation through an innovative online platform.

According to the company, while there are a number of language-training products available to young children today, none offer the complete interactive solution that GiftedSpeech does.

Existing language-learning products teach through traditional means such as books or DVD’s, while GiftedSpeech teaches through personalized language-learning software specifically developed for eLearning.

GiftedSpeech’s interactive and entertaining computer modules have foreign words and sounds embedded within the narrative, which give children the foundation for understanding a variety of languages - not just one - and familiarizes them with the kind of linguistic nuances needed to be accent free for life.


GiftedSpeech: Interactive Language-learning
New York, NY – December 14, 2010 – In today’s globalized world, foreign language skills are becoming increasingly important. Children under the age of 10 have an innate ability to absorb the words, sounds and intonations of languages – an ability that diminishes with age.
While there are many options available to parents who want their children to learn a new language, none offer a complete interactive teaching solution. Interactive learning, also known as eLearning, is a superior way of teaching children new languages but the options present on the market today use only traditional teaching methods and cannot offer all the benefits a web-based education tool can.
• They offer material on books or DVD’s which cannot be updated, offer reports or feedback, or be tailored to meet each child’s individual needs;
 • They are costly, ranging in price from $90 - $250;
 • They do not offer interactive educational games;
 • There is no focus on accent training.
In contrast, GiftedSpeech, a new player in the language-teaching space, offers a completely online interactive solution. GiftedSpeech is the most personalized language-learning software to date, having been specifically designed for eLearning. It instructs children through entertaining computer modules, each of which contains an animated short story with foreign words strategically embedded in the narrative.

These words contain sounds common to several foreign languages, giving children the foundation for understanding a variety of languages - not just one - and familiarizes them with the kind of linguistic nuances needed to be accent free for life.
The Online Advantage
Being an online learning tool, GiftedSpeech can offer fresh content each month, which keeps children interested and engaged and allows for continuous learning without the need to buy new discs or install any updates. It also offers material that is “age appropriate”, increasing in difficulty as children grow and progress in their learning.
Each teaching module includes four fun games, a game-like test, and a recording session which allows children to record their own speech and then listen to it – a critical part of the learning process.

Children are encouraged to send their voice recordings to GiftedSpeech to obtain expert analysis and feedback, while parents and teachers can monitor progress with automated reports. GiftedSpeech can also personalize the learning experience over time, giving children extra activities in areas where they need more practice. Because the program is online and interactive, GiftedSpeech can view each user’s progress and send feedback and reminders to children and parents. Children can also be tested through real-time challenges. This kind of interaction is unique in the world of language education and simply cannot be emulated by a DVD product.
A Cultural Experience
Not only does GiftedSpeech teach multiple languages, but it also teaches multiple cultures. GiftedSpeech’s videos are purposefully designed to stimulate cultural awareness through everyday scenarios, like how members of different cultures greet each other or deal with gifts. These videos are both educational and entertaining, and provide parents with an exceptional opportunity to expose their children to different cultures and traditions.
An Affordable Option
GiftedSpeech offers an affordable and flexible way of learning. There are 2 payment options:
• A monthly subscription of $10 per month which allows for unlimited access to the existing language modules and to any new modules. It also allows access to "refresher" modules for children up to the age of 10;
• An "a la carte" option of between $20 - $35 for the basic modules of 1,2 or 3 languages, without an ongoing subscription to new content and refreshers.
About GiftedSpeech
GiftedSpeech was founded in 2010 by CEO Gadi BenMark, a Harvard MBA and licensed lawyer who speaks five languages. He is joined by a team of experts in linguistics and childhood language-education. The company is headquartered in New York. Its research-based and patent-pending software gives children a multi-language foundation, providing them with a life skill that is so important in today’s globalized world.