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CliniSpace @ 2010 I/ITSEC Serious Games Challenge - Showcase Area

CliniSpace by Innovation in Learning Inc.
Medical training for healthcare professionals focusing on clinical diagnosis and patient management under time pressure

CliniSpace™ is a full 3D, browser-based platform developed by virtual health care training firm Innovation in Learning in partnership with India-based Indusgeeks  to provide health care professionals with immersive and collaborative training experiences.
CliniSpace™ is available both as Software as a Service (SaaS) and as Licensed Software and addresses pre-existing concerns on the usability and learning performance of clinical health spaces SIMS for training healthcare professionals.
This multi-user, highly interactive "Serious Game" runs on commodity computers, was one of the 2010 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge in the category business games.

The CliniSpace™ environment is equipped with interactive medical objects - bed, IV stand, oxygen, suction, medications, supplies, EKG, ultrasound, AED, and more.

A Dynapatient™ is a customizable virtual patient with a dynamic pathophysiology. Users can affect the outcome of the patient by accessing a range of medical interventions and records. Testing, assessment and tracking systems are additional features made available as well as collaborating in the multi-user environment via text as well as voice chat.

Here is CliniSpace Serious Game as showcased at I/ITSEC 2010 - the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Pavilion, this week in Orlando.