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World of Leadership: Serious Games Enhancing Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Via: Jeux Serieux - World of Leadership: Serious Games Developing Leadership and Teamwork Skills

The Leadership Game is PIXELearning’s first multiplayer online Serious Game intended for professional organizations wanting to rejuvenate their existing leadership program. Originally designed to place learners in an unknown, quite intimidating environment where their leadership qualities are truly challenged this multiplayer capability could lend itself to other business processes where team work is key.

The Leadership Game is a unique multiplayer technology toolset that as far as we can tell is the first of its kind. Currently developed to cater for teams of four, who can log in remotely from any locations, learners will be placed in a situation where they must work together to complete the challenges they encounter. Integrated within the overall serious game framework are nine puzzles each focusing on a different leadership competency. From problem solving and communication, to coaching, influencing, conflict management and ethics collaboration becomes key as does self awareness.

The Leadership Game is designed in such as way that it can be tailored to fit client specific leadership models or competencies as well as language.


Developed using flash and point and click navigation the learner must work through a series of tasks testing their skills over a 2hour30minute period. This technology also allows for changes to the look and feel can be set in any environment.

Designed so not one player has all the control or information natural leaders will shine through, where as those thought to be leaders may retreat. Currently designed so the only communication is through in game chat system learners must effectively and precisely describe what they see to other learners in order to obtain information. With scoring, peer review and immediate feedback built into the technology this can be a very effective and intuitive way of seeing where you place yourself and others on a leaders scale.

The Leadership Game was developed by PIXELearning, who are a provider of Serious Games and Immersive Learning Simulations based at the very innovative "Serious Game Institute" at Coventry. With a solid 7-year experience in the field, PIXELearning has an impressive list of clients including Coca Cola, Shell, Comcast and KPMG and offers a portfolio of 'off the shelf' immersive business simulations targeted at specific learning & development requirements.

PIXELearning have also established a partnership to develop the multiplayer Serious Games further with Act3gaming, a company that designs and produces Serious Games, immersive learning simulations and innovative games. The company was founded in 2009 by Agn├Ęs Touraine, a veteran of the video gaming industry who had acquired and managed Cendant Software, later becoming Vivendi Games and publishing successful titles such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft.