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SHASPA: Social Serious Games Improving Energy Efficiency

Technology Strategy Board Innovate 10 Competition Entry:
SHASPA Social Energy (Serious) Game Video Proposal

The UK Technology Strategy Board’s Innovate 10 competition seeks for innovative uses of technology to address key social issues such as Climate Change, Health and Sustainability.

Today noon was the deadline for the first stage of the competition: each entry had to post a 2 minute video of the idea, where it could be viewed and commented on by the public.

A video, produced as an entry to the Innovate 10 Competition, describes an innovative blended use of proven technologies and methodologies to address the climate challenge issue. The SHASPA Social Energy Game concept uses real world energy data from sensors and smart meters in a "Serious Game" which would help citizens and communities make real improvements to energy efficiency.

The game proposal would be based around the SHASPA Smart Service Delivery Framework and arises from collaboration between the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University and SHASPA Research Ltd to develop innovative solutions for important environmental issues.

About Innovate 10

Innovate 10 - Connect For Growth is a full day of networking, conference and exhibition event for businesses to meet other businesses, government and academia with the aim of making innovation happen – creating opportunity and growth for the future.

Hosted by the Technology Strategy Board, Innovate 10 will address all aspects of technology innovation, with a special focus on the commercial exploitation of the DIGITAL economy, HEALTHCARE markets of the future, ENERGY generation and supply and the SUSTAINABILITY economy.

About Innovate 10 Competition Process

The Technology Strategy Board has allocated up to £600,000 in funding for disruptive solutions across the challenge-led areas of energy, digital, healthcare, and sustainability.

Small companies from across the UK were invited to submit a two-minute video to pitch for a share of government funding to kick-start the development of new technology.

Businesses had until today to submit their video pitch for the competition and people will be able to watch the short video presentations and comment on the proposals.

The best proposals will be invited to make a live pitch for funding at the Innovate10 conference and exhibition in London on 12 October - where the audience will have the chance to cast a vote for their favorite ideas.

The Competition for Disruptive Solutions aims to stimulate innovative new ideas in the above four and the company with the best proposal in each area will receive £100,000 to take their idea forward. The second and third best proposals in each area will receive £25,000.

Explaining the thinking behind the novel competition David Bott, the Technology Strategy Board's Director of Innovation Programs, said:

"We are aiming this special competition at small companies because while they often come up with radical ideas they find it difficult to get the right sort of support to develop their ideas through the important early stages.

"Through this competition we are looking for ideas for disruptive solutions in the four key areas of energy, digital, healthcare and sustainability. By a 'disruptive' solution we mean one that creates a new or unexpected market opportunity by applying a different set of values. We are looking for radical ideas that will provide good business opportunities for British businesses."

After the two-minute video pitches are submitted the public will be able to provide opinion and feedback online.

The videos in each of the four themes will then be assessed by independent judges and, taking into account any public comments, the best 15 ideas in each theme will be invited to make written submissions.

After a further independent assessment the businesses behind the best three ideas in each theme will be invited to make a live pitch at Innovate10. These pitches will take place in front of a panel of expert independent judges - four judges for each technology area - with the Innovate10 audience acting as the fifth judge.