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Serious Games Keeping Children Plugged In At School

Via: SimHub - Video Showcasing A School That Uses Games To Teach Everything

Following my prior posts Serious Games Reduce Digital Disconnect Home X School and Serious Games & The Future Of Learning, there is a video from New York Times showcasing how Quest To Learn is using "Serious Games" to help teach its students.

With MacArthur Foundation funding, three years ago Katie Salen started the Institute of Play, a nonprofit collaboration of game designers and learning experts who create games to teach school material. After successful tests in city classrooms, the group worked with the New York City Department of Education to open Quest to Learn by the end of 2009.

This year’s 72-student class is split into four groups that rotate through five courses during the day: Codeworlds (math/English), Being, Space and Place (social studies/English), The Way Things Work (math/science), Sports for the Mind (game design), and Wellness (health/PE).