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Serious Games As Oil Drilling 3D Simulators

Interactive 3D simulators are essential components of a training curriculum when it comes to complex systems like Oil & Gas rigs - where a small mistake can lead to a catastrophic accident.

Via: ForgeFX - Oil Drilling Simulators Increase Safety, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

ForgeFX, a custom simulation software development company based in San Francisco, California, in their blog ForgeFX on Simulations and Real-time 3D Serious Games, has brought to my attention the increasing number of Interactive 3D simulators for the drilling industry.

Here are the 3 examples provided by ForgeFX:

KCA Deutag, an international Oil & Gas services company based in the UK, has developed a real-time 3D drilling simulator that gives users virtual hands-on training for rig and drilling operations.

Drilling Systems Limited, another UK-based company, offers their own line of simulators for the Oil & Gas industry. The simulators deliver operator training for well sites, wellheads, refineries, offshore cranes, and port cranes.
Kongsberg Gruppen, a Norwegian-based company that supplies high-tech systems to the Oil & Gas industry, merchant marine, and defense and aerospace industries, offers K-Spice - a process simulator for detailed design and verification of Oil & Gas processes and control systems at all stages.