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Serious Games Research: Press Play To Grow!

Via: Press Play To Grow! – Play Video Games & Grow

The Press Play to Grow! initiative was founded by Moses Silbiger, M.A. and has been developed in partnership with like-minded researchers, game designers, critics, and enthusiasts for gaming and human development.

Moses Silbiger has a Masters degree in Integral Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, with an academic certification in Coaching. He is also an architect, graphic designer and entrepreneur.

Along with his Integral Coaching & Consulting practice, Moses has been continually exploring and researching the potentials of designing video games for catalyzing and integrating human development, and has presented his work in various conferences, articles, and interviews.

As part of his integral-developmental video games initiative, Moses has developed the INDENTRO video game design framework designed to catalyze personal growth in multiple intelligences through video game play.

Games as “Trojan Horses” for Catalyzing and Integrating Human Development

The Integral-Developmental Trojan Horse (INDENTRO) video game design framework offers a deep, broad, integrative approach composed of practical tools to leverage various human developmental practices into video game play.

According to Moses Silbiger, applying this model as a Developmental Psychology Framework can support game designers to skilfully create Serious Games for Personal Growth.

As Moses declares on his website:

“The fact that video games have been already promoting growth in different lines of intelligence is in itself remarkable.”

“However, by observing through my research how random, indirect, collateral, narrow, or fragmented different aspects of human development tend to happen by playing existent video games, I realized the fundamental importance of assessing and categorizing them into a more integrated and complementary approach for designing video games that can be purposefully transformative.”

“Based on the INDENTRO Framework, both parents, gamers, coaches, guides, counsellors, teachers, leaders (and even whole organizations and institutions) would also have a clearer and better sense of the best ways to use those video games for their various developmental goals and aspirations.”